Multifunctional Glass & Tile Cutter

by Stark
You save 50% ($30.00)
The Perfect Tool For Excellent Workmanship

Why You Need This Tool?

Let's face it.... cutting through tile and glass can be a great deal for anybody to do and a costly one as well. We were able to combine a glass/tile cutter all in one, saving you money from buying an expensive set of glass cutters and ultimately giving you a more smooth and time efficient workflow.

Equipped with over 20 different tools and features that make this product versatile and the ultimate solution for you. Equipped with various knives, rulers, sharpening stones and even a saw and screwdriver.  Travel with fewer tools and get more projects done all with just one tool.

Cuts through various tiles and different glasses such as ceramic tile, glass tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile and more. It can even cut through tempered glass, plate glass, and float glass much more effortless and smoothly than most products on the market. You will never want to go back using your old glass cutters again.

Made from a stainless steel material that is reliable and dependent for any job. Cuts through the thickest of glass and tile without breaking or bending during the job. It can cut straight and curved lines much more precisely and accurately without multiple attempts.

Easy To Use - Makes craftsmanship so much easier for the beginners just starting out. Gives you a lot more tools to work with and simple set up that lets you choose the right tool in just seconds without going to buy several tools. The perfect tool to compliment your toolbox.

Portable & Compact - Easier to carry around and much more accessible than your standard traditional tools. Can carry around without taking up much space and can get the majority of jobs done.

Energy & Money Saver - Its multi-functional ability keeps you prepared for any job or situation you find yourself in, whether that be working on your next project,camping or being in the wilderness.

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