Smart Automatic Ultrasonic Toothbrush

by Stark
You save 50% ($60.00)
Brushing our teeth each day is an unavoidable task and an absolute must for our personal hygiene.

Though the majority of people are not brushing properly and don't really enjoy the process of brushing their teeth.. after all, it can be quite a hassle.

This automatic toothbrush provides a complete 360 deep clean to your teeth and gums in a shorter time frame with minimal effort needed!

Simply fill with toothpaste, bite down, press start, and voila.


360 Degree Deep Cleaning System - The ultrasoft bristles will provide an unmatched cleaning experience compared to traditional toothbrushes, it will clean deeply in between your teeth and through your gums to assure it don't miss any spots!

Built-In UV Whitening Light - Exposing of the teeth to our UV light results in an increase in tooth temperature. This can speed up the breakdown process of the hydrogen molecule and assist with the whitening of your teeth.

One Size Fits All Comfortably - This has been designed with a silicone mouth guard that will form to the shape of your teeth! It's sized to fit the majority of adults.

Rechargeable USB Hub Included - It comes included with a USB charging dock to comfortably and stylishly store your brush after using!

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