Folding Automatic Tent

by Stark
You save 50% ($50.00)

Enjoy The Beach This Summer With A Tent That Keeps You Cool And In The Shade All Season Long

No more taking forever trying to set up your tent this season. After years of surveying the market and product testing, we've come up with a way you can enjoy your next beach trip in a more safe and hassle-free way. Introducing our Folding Automatic Tent - an easier way to set up your tents and enjoy the sun!

Instantly pops up and folds. Simply throw it out into open space and watch it unfold in just seconds making it easy for any beginner to set up and save time trying to put together a tent from scratch.

Made with backside breathable mesh fabrics for excellent ventilation and extended floor for leg room so you can sit back and relax under the tent with all-day and shade comfortably without sweating.

Built-in UPF 50+ sun protection that Keeps you protected from the harmful sun rays and allows you to enjoy all outdoor activities without suffering sunburn or any skin damage. Not only works for when you're at the beach, but also works well for all outdoor events such as camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor soccer games, and even music festivals.

Waterproof .- Water and wind resistant fibers built into the stitching. Repels water with ease and stays in place without being blown away by the wind currents.

Portable & Lightweight - Makes it light enough for anyone to carry around and super-simple to set up. Fits in any trunk without taking up a great deal of space and easy to organize so you can take it with you on your next trip to the beach

Easy To Open/Close - Easy to set up in just minutes and start using today. Folds up and folds down in three easy steps ensuring that it stays in place all day.

UV Resistant - Protects your skin from the harmful rays while you're out in the sun.

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