Reusable Collapsible Drinking Straw With Keychain Hole - Save Our Planet

by Stark
You save 50% ($18.00)

Use this straw with pride knowing that a % of your purchase will go towards plastic pollution awareness and clean up. Every straw purchased is a massive step to improving our ecosystems and saving our wildlife.

Over 500 Million plastic straws are used every day in just the USA alone. One of our straws can eliminate the use of up to 10,000 plastic straws.

Our mission is to reduce plastic straw use by giving you a convenient, collapsible, reusable alternative.

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- Made of recycled plastic.

- Made to be reused for up to 10,000 times.

- Rustproof. 

- Completely healthy & FDA approved.

- Perfect size to fit on your keychain.

- Perfect for any drink, thick or thin.

  Easy to clean: 

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