Softball Pitch Trainer

by Stark
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The Perfect Pitcher Without Having One

Sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to get a pitcher to practice with every single day. We understand how valuable a good swing can be to any team so luckily we found a way to improve your swing without always relying on a pitcher in the easiest and most cost-effective way. 

Simple to use pull cords that add some "zip" and velocity on that next pitch. You get to practice batting with different speeds and angles coming from the pitch, ultimately making you a better batter and much more confident in your swing.

Comes with an attachment clip and a strap. Easy to carry in your gym bag and makes it much easier for you to practice all by yourself. Whether that's after practice or before a big game this Pitch Trainer is with you every swing of the way. 

Easy To Use - Simple set up with easy storage. Makes it super easy for anybody to work on their pitching. 

Practice Anywhere -  You can get better anywhere on your own time. No more waiting for the batting cage to be open or looking around for a pitcher. Easily attaches to anything sturdy and goes to work right away.

Pin Point Accuracy - Varies in pitch speed and angles, improving stabilization, hand-eye coordination, timing, and most importantly your confidence as a batter.

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