Women's Trendy Temporary Tatoos

by Stark
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Get Tatted Up Pain-Free!!

Tattoos can be quite painful and even a bit pricey. With our temporary tattoos, you get to have as many tattoos as you want without having the commitment or pain that comes with actually having one.

Comes in a variety of custom styles to choose from that best fit your preference giving you the chance to have as many options and choices to choose your favorite designs and features.

Super-easy to apply - just apply some water on the back side of your tattoo paper and stick it to your body. No needles needed

Water resistant so you can wear anywhere without worrying about discoloring or fading due to water exposure.  Tattoo life is 3-5 Days.

Easy To Apply - In just minutes you can have a brand new tattoo. Simply clean the area, wet the paper , place it on the are you desire, let it sit for a few minutes and voila!

Non Toxic - No harmful chemicals or allergens that will affect your body or leave permanent effects. Completely safe to use and easy to rinse off with alcohol.

Long Lasting - Water resistant material that keeps it looking colorful and nice for a maximum of 3-5 Days letting you have as many tattoos as you want without the commitment!

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